Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mini Album - Prima Optimist - Marion Smith Tea Party

This mini album was created for my step daughter in college. I almost fainted dead away when Alda Stevens, owner of the Flying Unicorn, requested that I do a video of the album for you tube. This mini is based on her tutorial. So if you would be so kind to for go the long post of pictures and join me at the Flying Unicorn you tube channel for my first video I would greatly appreciate it! There are tons of details in the video that a photograph just can't capture. Thank you Alda for the opportunity!

You Tube Video Link

This is the cover of the album if you want a peek before clicking on the link....


  1. A stunning album. Your video is wonderfully done Cindy. I love hearing about all the little details that make this so BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wow this looks completely amazeballs! COngrats!!